[okfn-advisory] Leading by example

Jo Walsh metazool at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 02:57:34 UTC 2011

There was a great suggestion - by Martin? - at the Berlin awayday to use
Open Spending to publish the OKF's own accounts. Small technical glitches
which involve a short wait but nothing insuperable given some larger-scale
accountancy advice.

Seems important for OKF to eat its own dogfood but also to *lead by

When the Public Geodata project. ran (short term and long dormant) Rufus
would often pop up insisting that conversation which had drifted onto the
private coord list should be brought back to a public list. To help generate
community, get people involved, get better advice. CKAN core development
briefly drifted onto a private list, then for the health of the open source
project, a public dev list was set up.

Have resisted any flat out appeal to ethics *thus far*. It seems that one
way to help keep the OKF straight as it expands so rapidly is to practise
what we preach - as with the Open Spending example. If closed by default is
acceptable, then it is probably worth making that clear as we preach -
perceived hypocrisy is likely a danger to the future organisation.

Right, now going on "sabbatical" for some time ... ;p
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