[okfn-advisory] Reminder of Open Knowledge 'central' strategy

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Thanks for sharing this.


I think that this is a good document – right in both tone and length. It’s short on target metrics, but like some other strategies it perhaps is better to concentrate on direction of travel.


To me there were main three issues:


*           there is mention of “essential knowledge” and “essential data”.  “Essential” raises all sort of questions about what is essential and who decides.  Essential is a high test – it is hard to imagine that the Reagan decision to open GPS would have passed it, especially as no-one guessed at the time that it would give more than $100bn a year benefit to the US economy!  The text reads just as well with s/essential//g applied.


*           as you and I have discussed, I consider that a strength of OKFN is its Knowledge Transfer function – which benefits the world, not just those who are members of recognisable OKFN communities.  Perhaps we can stress this and link it to the very openness of the knowledge which OKFN, its members and its wider community contribute?


*           the narrative seems a bit weighted towards transparency and I did not consider that shared prosperity, maximisation of public welfare and advancement of the human species were sufficiently emphasised as well.  IMHO they are also important objectives – and is as much if not more of a driver to Open Science, Open Culture and Open Innovation as to Open Data.






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In talking with Chapters over the last couple of months, I mentioned that we were working up   shorter and more readable form of our strategy to share. Here it is! 


The strategic direction (in terms of goals and activities) is unchanged from last summer when it was discussed with many of you, although we have substantially clarified how we present it since then. 


Comments and feedback most welcome!  This is our first real strategy and of course it will not remain unchanged; we will be reviewing on a regular cycle.


Best regards,



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