[okfn-advisory] Notes from today's call

Laura James lbjames at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 14:24:46 UTC 2015


Many thanks for joining today's call.

Full notes: https://pad.okfn.org/p/AdvisoryCouncil2015

*Key points from discussion:*
* AC has been underused but has the potential to be very valuable. To be
effective it is likely that the AC needs some input, either specific
questions or requests, or updates which may inspire questions in response.
* Major topics in 2015 which would benefit from AC discussion (except to
start these with an email thread, and potentially have call if needed):
 - digital rights / 'internet rights';
 - data sharing/walled gardens (eg for health data);
 - international network - how to connect, support, oversee, scale;
 - open washing, strong active defence of 'open' in the open knowledge
context, quality of open activities;
 - strategic positioning of Open Knowledge organisation and local groups,
within evolving and growing open / open data landscape
* Rufus informed us that shortlisting for the new Exec Director has just
happened and interviews will take place in March.

*We agreed a few actions:*
* *Laura* to arrange a similar call in around 3m
* *Glyn* to kickstart a discussion on this list about digital rights
matters and whether/how Open Knowledge should be involved
* *Rufus* to consider whether others from the executive and/or board of
directors should be on this list (enabling them to get more involved with
AC and spreading the load from Rufus) and add them if so
* *Rufus* to endeavour to share more info/updates with the AC and will
provide a commitment around this within a week

Please correct if I've captured any of this wrongly!

Best regards,

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