[okfn-advisory] Advising Open Knowledge in 2015

Laura James lbjames at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 09:25:05 UTC 2015


I'm delighted to be joining the Advisory Council now that I've finished
work at Open Knowledge.  The Council (primarily through conversations with
individual members) was a valuable support whilst I co-led Open Knowledge
with Rufus, for which many thanks to you all.

As we start 2015 and what I imagine will be a time of change and evolution
for the organisation, with a new ED coming in and continuing rapid
development in the open data sector, I hope the Advisory Council can
continue to be useful to Open Knowledge's leadership, both reactively and

*Advisory Council members: *what do you think the Advisory Council and Open
Knowledge should be doing in 2015? Are there issues or events that we
should be paying attention to?

*Rufus:* what do you want and need from the Council this year? How can we
most effectively help you?

The Council has, of late, mostly been consulted as individuals and this
email list has, perhaps, been underused.  Occasionally there's been a
suggestion of meetings, or a chair. I think it's worth considering how we
work, perhaps once we have an idea of what we want to do this year :)

Best regards,

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