[okfn-advisory] Open Knowledge International Advisory Council - reaching out

Naomi Lillie naomi.lillie at okfn.org
Fri Feb 23 13:32:07 UTC 2018

Dear all,

May I introduce you to Mark Gibbs (COO) and Paul Walsh (CPO), in CC, who
are undertaking the overall leadership of the organisation since Pavel's
departure late last year.

Paul and Mark are looking to reboot OKI - particularly our Advisory
Council, where we are very keen to re-engage. They would like to reach out
to you to look at how the Advisory Council can guide OKI through this
period of change, refocusing on our vision and mission, and looking ahead
to new opportunities.

We wondered whether you would be interested in joining a call in March, to
touch base and consider how we connect in future. Do let us know if you
would be interested in this, either as a group or individually.

Best wishes,


Naomi Lillie

Executive Assistant

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