[okforums-discuss] Next forum, April 14th on geo-data

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Feb 23 15:08:54 UTC 2005

The second Open Knowledge Forum will be held in the same location, the 
Stanhope Centre, Marble Arch on Thursday 14 April. The subject will be 
open geo-data, and speakers will include:

   * Steve Coast of openstreetmap.org
   * Roger Longhorn (geodata policy expert)
   * Giles Lane of urbantapestries.net
   * Jo Walsh of mappinghacks.com

Full details are below or on the wiki at:


Please spread the word, and come along ... As before registration is 
optional but recommended so do try and email okforums-info at okfn.org if 
you do want to attend.


Rufus Pollock


Forum on Open Geo-Data

== Where and When ==
   * When: Thurs April 14th 2005
   * Where:  Stanhope Centre, Marble Arch, London. 
[http://www.stanhopecentre.org/about/directions.shtml Directions]
   * Who can attend: public. Registration is optional but useful so 
please notify us if you can via okforums-info at okfn.org.
   * Who is speaking:
    * Steve Coast ([http://openstreetmap.org openstreetmap])
    * Roger Longhorn (geodata policy expert)
    * Giles Lane ([http://socialtapestries.net social tapestries])
    * Jo Walsh ([http://mappinghacks.com mapping hacks])
    * TBC

== Subject Matter ==

''One thing the projects in the civic information forum share, is a 
dependency for spatial information in their service; even if that's as 
simple as 'enter my postcode'...''

The Open Knowledge Forum on geo-data is bringing together people working 
on free of copyright mapping and open geo-data projects, with those 
working on local government and NGO which need maps and spatial analysis.

The UK is one of the best-mapped surfaces on the planet, but our 
national mapping resources are highly-priced and administered by a 
semi-private company that acts as a monopoly based on Crown Copyright.

The Public Sector Information Directive emphasises the benefits and 
importance of access to geographic information. But local governments 
don't own the information they gather, and arguably millions are wasted 
providing expensive "viewing" services which present pictures of the 
data, instead of raw information.

This forum will be a discussion about different applications with a 
civic society focus, such as participatory planning or problem 
reporting, which could be initially built using free base maps and 
geocoding facilities.

For more information please see:
   * http://www.okfn.org/geo/
   * http://okfn.org/wiki/OpenGeoData

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