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Betreff: Are you a "Big Data Nerd"? Win a prize to prove it!

Dear DataMarket enthusiast, 

We are continuously adding new data and features to improve our offering and better serve the needs of data seekers and data providers alike. Nothing is more important in that pursuit than feedback from our users and other data nerds. 

We would like to ask you to participate in a quick survey to help us better understand your needs and how we can improve our offering to fulfill them. 

Ten lucky participants will receive a "Big Data Nerd" shirt as a token of our appreciation :-) 

Take the survey! What we have been up to: 
The largest open collection of quantitative data just got bigger 

DataMarket.com is probably the largest collection of quantitative data publicly available online - and it just keeps growing. Our data collection now has more than 14 thousand data sets holding more than 125 million time series with more than 800 million fact values. 

And there is more... We recently launched our first premium data sets with data that is not open and freely available from public sources but you can subscribe to on DataMarket for a modest fee, putting the "market" in "DataMarket" so to speak. 

    • Read more about DataMarket's premium data offering 
DataMarket on your iPad 

Just last week, DataMarket.com was upgraded to fully support touch interfaces and iOS-devices. This means that you can now find and visualize all that important data with the convenience of your iPad or even your iPhone. This was made possible by a clever - but important - upgrade to our visualization software, allowing us to move away from Flash to the vector based Protovis library using SVG and VML to render the graphics (the programmers in the audience will understand and appreciate this :) 

    • Read more about DataMarket on iOS 
    • Read more about our Protovis-based visualizations 
Solutions for Data Providers 

We've seen quite a lot of interest in our offerings for data providers. If you have valuable data that you'd like to distribute, either for free or for a fee, we can help you. Whether you want to publish your data directly on DataMarket.com, create a dashboard that helps you - or others - keeping an eye on the most important data in your field of interest or deploy a branded data market delivering all the functionality of DataMarket.com on top of your own data on your own web site in your company's look and feel. 

    • Read more about our solutions for data providers 
    • Contact us for further information 

As always, you can follow developments at DataMarket on our Twitter feed or on Facebook . We also frequently update our blog with thoughts on the "big data" business and developments at DataMarket. 

Here are some of our recent blog entries: 

    • 5 Must Read Books on Visualizing Data 
    • Topic Pages: Dashboards on Everything 
    • Presentation at Web 2.0 Expo 
    • The Emerging Field of Data Markets - Our Competitive Landscape 
    • Embeds and Dashboards 

Thank you for your interest in DataMarket, and don't forget to participate in the survey , 
The DataMarket team 

- - - 

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