[Open Government Data - OKFO] Konsultation zum Asset Description Metadata Schema der EU

Johann Hoechtl Johann.Hoechtl at donau-uni.ac.at
Mi Jan 11 08:43:42 UTC 2012

Ich möchte diese Ankündigung der EU zur öffentlichen Konsultation
zu ADMS - 

(ADMS) is a common way to describe semantic interoperability assets
making it possible for everyone to search and discover them once shared
through the forthcoming federation of asset repositories


European Commission seeking comment on ADMS

On behalf of the European Commission's ISA programme [1], I am pleased
to announce that the Public Comment period for the Asset Description
Metadata Schema (ADMS) is now open until 6 February 2012 (inclusive).

About the Asset Description Metadata Schema
The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a common way to
describe semantic interoperability assets including metadata schemas,
controlled vocabularies and code lists.

Better documenting semantic assets can help improve interoperability of
eGovernment initiatives across Europe, and possibly beyond. ADMS will
also be a key element of the upcoming federation of semantic asset
repositories in Europe. Please consult the ADMS brochure [2] for further

The current draft of ADMS was elaborated in the second half of 2011 by
a multi disciplinary working group of 43 people, from 20 different
Member States and the US. This work was based on earlier work in 2010,
by a Working Group with representation from 17 EU member states, several
EU institutions and the US.

How can you help?
You are invited to:

1. Download the ADMS specification from the Joinup platform [3]; and
2. Comment on the ADMS specification by:
- Using the ADMS Forum [4] (registration required [5]); or
- Sending an e-mail to the ADMS editor, Makx Dekkers:
adms at makxdekkers.com 

*Please indicate in your comment as precisely as possible to which part
of the specification your comment applies.

What happens with your feedback?

1. All comments will be registered in an issues list that will be
discussed by the Working Group in early February.

2. Resolutions of those issues will be shared on Joinup [6], and will
lead to a final version of the specification that will be submitted to
the European Commission for endorsement by the EU Member States.

3. In Q2 and Q3 2012, the specification will be tested in a pilot
implementation with four existing repositories. The results of that
pilot will also be shared with the wider community through Joinup.

Thanks very much for your help with this - we really hope that the ADMS
spec will help to make it easier to make public sector data more

[1] http://ec.europa.eu/isa 

[3] http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/asset/adms/release/08 

[5] https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/user/register 
[6] http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/ 

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