[OKFN - Austria] OKFNPad migrieren

Stefan Kasberger stefan.kasberger at gmx.at
Mi Aug 28 20:33:01 UTC 2013


nur kurz zur Info, die OKFNPads werden demnächst eingestellt und es wird
was Neues kommen (keine Ahnung was genau).
Sind gerade auch schon super langsam und halten die Verbindung nicht.
Also am besten demnächst migrieren oder einfach verschwinden lassen.

Anbei mehr Details.

Grüße, Stefan


Dear All,

We have some important news regarding the OKFN-pads - apologies for the
delay in updating!

1) Etherpads are staying - just getting a much-needed upgrade:
As part of a general overhaul to our online tools, we'll be upgrading to
new pad-system which offers more enhanced functionalities. The current,
old etherpad system will be taken down on October 15th.

This means that:

2) You will need to transition your pad-content manually into the new
system before 15th October:
Please ensure that you have transferred all content that you wish to
keep before this date, as there will be no backup available.

Also that:

3) Teampads will no longer be supported (that's a specific type of
etherpad, not a specific team!):
These new etherpads will lose the prefix sub-domains - ie
[name].okfnpad.org/ - so, when migrating across, the new etherpads
should be named appropriately as per the usual format
okfnpad.org/[name]. They will also not have sign-in or other
authentication functionality, but hopefully this shouldn't affect too
many pads as they are generally used for collaborating publicly (please
see the 'for more details' link below if you want an alternative with
restricted permissions).

We hope this will not be too much of a nuisance and look forward to
offering you all even better tools to carry out all the magnificent open
knowledge work that you do. Alongside the new pads you may also consider
transitioning onto Google Docs, which is widely used across the
organisation and various communities.

For more details about the transition, please see

Naomi and the Network Team

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