[OKFN - Austria] buildingsdata.eu celebrates International Open Data Day

Thomas Thurner t.thurner at semantic-web.at
Mi Feb 13 10:36:08 UTC 2013

Information comming from http://buildingsdata.eu

In advance of the 3rd International Open Data Day (http://opendataday.org/) on Saturday 23rd February 2013, BPIE has now made its online knowledge assets “open data ready” by enabling downloads in raw data CSV format, as well as in PDF form.

The comprehensive open data portal presents facts and figures collected in the context of BPIE’s ‘Europe’s Buildings under the Microscope’ study released end of 2011 (see http://bpie.eu/eu_buildings_under_microscope.html). It includes a wide variety of technical data never before collected EU-wide.

The raw data export covers now:

    29 European countries
    10 building types
    up to 18 climatic zones per country
    a total building stock floor area nearly equivalent to the size of Belgium

The Open Data Portal provides data and statistics on:

    Building stock performance (energy consumption, envelope performance, energy sources);
    Building stock inventories reflecting floor area, construction year, ownership profile;
    National policies and regulation;
    Financial schemes (333 in total).

In addition, the user can access country fact sheets and definitions.

The data will be improved on an on-going basis and over time, the hub will get enriched with additional topics and information generated through data exchange projects and research partnerships.

BPIE now invites other organisations to add their data to the portal and grow www.buildingsdata.eu into the comprehensive knowledge hub on the energy performance of  Europe’s building stock.

For more information, please contact BPIE’s Data Manager at data at bpie.eu or +32 2 789 3000

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