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this is interesting for the Open Data community...

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Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to announce the first release of my latest project: the
Miga Data Viewer. Miga (pronounced MEE-ga) is a lightweight framework for
displaying a web interface for structured data. It began its life,
conceptually, as a way to create a mobile interface for SMW, but it has
become more than that, since the data it takes in is simply CSV files, and
thus can come from any source at all.

Miga stores its data on the user's own browser, which allows for arbitrary
data structures, as well as all the benefits of client-side storage
(improved speed, less power required, greater offline capability). The
downside is that it won't work on the IE or Firefox browsers. It does seem
to work fine on all the other major browsers.

Within the SMW community, my hope is that Miga will indeed become a
mobile-friendly interface for SMW data. (And one day I hope that the
software will be able to power true mobile apps, not just web apps, but
that day is not yet here.) And perhaps it will become another way for
people to integrate SMW data with non-SMW data: the External Data extension
certainly has its uses, but, in certain cases, Miga might be a less hacky,
more lightweight way to accomplish the same thing.

Here is the homepage:


And I have a blog post explaining the software in greater detail here:


It's a lot to take in, but I hope people can start to download and try out
the software for themselves.


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