[OKFN - Austria] cost benefit analysis of open digital content

Sylvia Petrovic-Majer sylvia.petrovic at gmx.at
Mi Okt 9 07:03:29 UTC 2013

Hallo alle,

habe die Information zu einer sehr guten und klaren Studie bekommen, die ich euch weitergeben möchte.
Wer nur einen kleinen Auszug lesen will, dann empfehle ich die Key Findlings:

Have fun!!!

Great resources shared here! 

Another interesting study is Kristin Kelley's survey from this year of 11 American and British museums who have provided open access and have concrete evidence to share of how that affects things like revenue 

Michael Edson keeps an incredibly valuable list of references to this topic on the Smithsonian Web and New Media Strategy wiki (which is where I found the Kelly report) http://smithsonian-webstrategy.wikispaces.com/Public+Domain+and+Image+Sales+References
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