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wir von der OKFN Österreich werden im Juni zusammen mit dem Shuttleworth
Fellow Peter Murray-Rust einen Hackathon zu Content Mining machen. Aber
jetzt versuchen wir erst mal die bestehenden Communities dazu in
Österreich zu finden - und hoffentlich kannst du uns dabei helfen.

Bitte melde dich, wenn du Researcher, Hacker, Computer Scientists,
BiologInnen, ChemikerInnen, Studis oder Sonstige kennst aus dem Bereich
der Informations-Extraktion (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,
) aus Publikationen.

Anbei ein kurzer Beschreibungs-Text von Peter Murray-Rust, worum es an
dem Tag gehen wird:

The scientific literature (papers, theses, reports) is an untapped  mine
of hugely valuable content. Traditionally data has been published  as
tables, figures or running text (recipes, accounts of observations, 
etc.). Although there is a movement to publish data explicitly most 
scientific results are still presented as text. Artificial Intelligence 
techniques are now robust and accessible to everyone and can give very 
good recall and precision for extracting this data. 

We shall concentrate on applied Computer Vision (CV)  for scientific
diagrams, coupled with Natural Language Processing for  text. We'll take
bioscience and chemistry as examples. The examples we  shall take can be
understood be everyone - species, dates, licences,  granting bodies,
identifier systems. We'll show how to use the Open  Source AMI2 system
and also show how YOU can contribute. AMI2 has been  developed with a
"plugin" architecture so you can create your now - in  an hour or two. 

Whether you are a geek or a scientist or a wonk or  an informed citizen
everyone has something to bring to a hackathon and  take away. You don't
have to be a geek - we form groups where different  skills and
experience work together. For example if you understand  Wikipedia
that's a great resource to contribute. And the hackathon  philosophy is
a great tool to take to other events and get everyone  hacking together.

Grüße, Stefan
*Stefan Kasberger*
*E* mail at stefankasberger.at
*W* www.openscienceASAP.org
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