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Apps4Europe Competition.

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Dear all,

Please accept my apologies for cross-posting, but I would like to bring
to your attention:¬ Apps¬ for¬ Europe's Competition.

Are you making an¬ open data based¬ app?¬ Apps¬ for¬ Europe¬ runs an
annual competition to find¬ the best new¬ apps¬ acrossEurope¬ that we
can help scale into viable businesses.

*Join the¬ Apps¬ for¬ Europe¬ Competition, today!*

What you can win
‚?Ę Free travel, ¬ accommodation, and a ticket to our International
Business Lounge¬ @FutureEverything (26/27 Feb. 2015).
‚?Ę Networking opportunities with the most interesting startups using
open data in¬ Europe.
‚?Ę The opportunity to pitch your¬ app¬ to an international audience of
investors, government¬ agencies, companies and individuals.
‚?Ę A prize of¬ 5.000 Euro¬ and an invitation to Brussels to pitch for
network partners and¬ European¬ Commission representatives.

Join the online competition and win 1 of the 13 exclusive spots at the
International Business¬ Lounge at FutureEverything in Manchester in
2015. If you win your local Business Lounge you¬ are automatically
invited.¬ You will receive a ticket to Future Everything as well as
travel and¬ accommodation for one person.¬ There you will get the chance
to exhibit your¬ app¬ to the entire¬ Future Everything audience
throughout the day, along with the other winning innovative¬ apps¬ from
all over¬ Europe.¬ 

But that's not all! You also get the opportunity to pitch your¬ app¬ to
an international audience of¬ investors, government agencies, companies
and individuals keen to share their skills,¬ experience, resources and
money to help scale your¬ app¬ into a successful
international¬ business. For more information on what's in it for you,
have a look¬ here:¬ http://www.appsforeurope.eu/competition_prizes

Apps¬ for¬ Europe¬ team


Emma Beer


Senior Project Manager¬ |Skype: emma.beer ¬ | ¬ tel:¬ +44¬ 07921 426 523

The¬ Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>

/Empowering through Open Knowledge/

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