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Open Data Headlines @ Socrata

*Open Innovation Magazine Reviews State of Open Data*The Winter 2014 issue
of Open Innovation is out. This special year-in-review edition contains
stories about some of the biggest open data achievements in 2013, as well
as expert insights into how open data can grow and where it may go in 2014.
Learn More <http://info.socrata.com/851SII6410000sq0009ez00>

*Webinar: How Leading Cities Measure Performance*Governments at all levels
have worked to make their public data more transparent. Join the webinar
and see how leading governments use data to serve citizens and effectively
measure performance.
Learn More <http://info.socrata.com/851SII6410000sr0009ez00>

*Webinar Replay: Creating a Great Citizen Experience*In a Socrata Webinar,
Gail Roper, Chief Innovation Officer of Raleigh, North Carolina, shared how
to leverage open data to improve citizen experience. Watch and learn how
your government can improve citizen experience in the coming year.
Learn More <http://info.socrata.com/851SII6410000ss0009ez00>
    More News


   Introducing Civic Awesome, Weekly Open Data News

   Open Data Had a Busy Year in 2013

   Highlighting the Value of Open Data

   Federal Agencies Miss the Mark on Open Data Mandate

   The Importance of Engaged Open Data Activists

   Meet Thought Leaders and Speakers from Socrata

   East and West Coast Approaches to Open Government

   Data Visualization: Gothamist’s Best Maps

   Code for Seattle: Civic Hack Night

   New York State Hosts Health Code-a-Thon

Read More <http://info.socrata.com/851SII6410000st0009ez00>
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