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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. April 2015 00:28
Cc: Viputheshwar Sitaraman
Betreff: [OpenCon] A Open Access Infographic journal founded by a 17 year old needs your help!

Dear OpenCon'ers,

Let's all be honest with ourselves, no matter how much you love your subject we all find endlessly reading papers a bit dull. I know I've been known to wake up with a half read paper in front of me and a less than pleased boss approaching.

DrawScience<http://www.drawscience.org> is trying to change that by making pictures out of papers. Vip, the 17 year old founder, has been doing this on his blog for months now and has got a great response (100's of thousands of views). The infographics are great, and very accessible to the general public (examples attached). Now, he wants to go one step further and make this a true Open Access Journal. He's trying to crowdfund the modest amount to do this and is nearly there.

He has 8 days to raise just under $500 of the $1100 he needs. You can see his campaign and progress so far here<https://experiment.com/projects/draw-science-open-access-infographic-journal>.

I hope you can find a few minutes to share what Vip is doing, and potentially even contribute a few pounds/euros/dollars. Having chatted to him I know he'd really appreciate it,

He's putting the art in article, let's help.


Joseph McArthur
Assistant Director: Right to Research Coalition<http://righttoresearch.org>
Co-Lead/Founder: Open Access Button<http://openaccessbutton.org>
Twitter: @Mcarthur_Joe
Skype: joseph_mcarthur
Linkedin: http://linkd.in/1BgZ1jU
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