[OKFN - Austria] football.db - European (UEFA) Champions League 2015/16 Datasets - try $ sportdb new cl2015-16

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
So Sep 6 14:19:46 UTC 2015


   FYI:  The plain text football datasets for leagues, teams, match
schedules, and more that you can read with the sportdb command line
tool into your SQL database of choice (e.g. SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.)
now includes the European (UEFA) Champions League 2015/16 [1].

   Try using the cl2015_16.rb [2] Datafile to (download and) build
yourself a copy e.g.:

     $ sportdb new cl2015-16

  All data, code and starter kits public domain. Enjoy. Cheers.

[1] github.com/openfootball/europe-champions-league/blob/master/2015-16/cl.txt
[2] github.com/openfootball/datafile/blob/master/cl2015-16.rb

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