[OKFN - Austria] Linuxwochen Wien 2016 - Add Your Talks - Free, Everyone Welcome

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Di Mär 15 14:24:06 UTC 2016


  FYI: For this year's Linuxwochen Wien 2016 event (@ FH Technikum,
28.-30. April) I signed up for two talks:

  * The New HTML - Markdown - Use Plain Text  for Websites,
Presentations and Books

   A free plain text alternative to Word, Pages, LibreOffice, KeyNote,
Powerpoint, LaTeX, etc.

   Use the free plain text markup formatting conventions united under the
   markdown umbrella - offering an easy-to-write and
   easy-to-read format - to author and build web site, presentations,
   books and more.

  * Building Web Sites, Single-Page Apps or Online Books w/ Static
Site Builders / Generators

    Metalsmith - Jekyll - Middleman - Hugo

   In 2016 you can get pretty far with just HTML, JS and CSS. The talk
   shows how to use (free, open source) static site builders / generators
   (such as Metalmsith (JavaScript/Node.js), Jekyll, Middleman (Ruby) or
   Hugo (Go)  to build static (web) sites or (single-page web) apps or books.

  Join us. Free. Everyone welcome.

  Note: You can still add your own talks! See http://linuxwochen.at


PS: Disclaimer: I'm just a random Linux user and volunteer speaker.
I'm not a Linuxwochen organizer.

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