[OKFN - Austria] Any Open Data Sets for the (Football) Euro Cup (in France 2016)?

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Mo Mai 16 08:25:27 UTC 2016

   Thanks for your invitation, encouragement and kind words.

   Unless a miracle happens there's no open football data anywhere.
Most people (>95%+) think that if it is published online in Kleine
Zeitung, Österreich, Die Krone, etc. it's open data ;-) That's the
state of the world.

   Anyways, the  best (open) football source is (surprise!) Wikipedia.
It's just text [1] - sometimes semi-structured but at least it's a
world wonder and a great start and inspiration.

  Joe Kampschmidt has put together a more extensive list about
football data [2] and I have a little list called Awesome Football
(Data) [3].

   It's kind of funny - for example - how the ORF promotes a minimum
three hours of live coverage for the Euro 2016 every day as do others
but it's impossible to get a license-free (or open data-licensed
structured) match schedule (just 51 matches!) that an individual can
put together in about an hour. Let's thank the sponsors Coca Cola and
McDonald's at least for the free one-page matchday PDF-download

   25 days to kick off!


PS: What's Open Data?  A great site and definition by OKFN [4]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2016
[2] http://www.jokecamp.com/blog/guide-to-football-and-soccer-data-and-apis
[3] https://github.com/planetopendata/awesome-football
[4] http://opendefinition.org

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