[OK-AT] Call for Papers on Open Data and Innovation

Johann Höchtl Johann.Hoechtl at donau-uni.ac.at
Sa Nov 5 15:48:01 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

please consider to submit your paper in the domains

Open data policy and politics: opportunities and challenges for 
governments; the global spread of open data policy; transparency and 
accountability, economic innovation, drivers for open data; benefits and
 challenges for developing countries;Licensing and legal issues:
copyright vs. open licenses & 
Creative Commons; Freedom of Information and the ‘right to data’; 
information sharing and privacy;Open data technologies: technical
frameworks for data and 
meta-data; mash-ups; data formats, standards and APIs; integration into 
backend systems; data visualisation; data quality; data end-users and 
intermediaries;Open data as a valuable resource towards the European
market: Open Data and Public Sector Information as a source for Business
 Intelligence; Open Data, closed data and data market intermediaries; 
New market models, roles and responsibilities;Open data as a social
movement: How can the global trend towards
 open data be conceptualized as a form of collective action? How do 
challengers and incumbents organize and change? How is the data branch 
embedded in the field of open movements?Open innovation and
co-production: open data enabled models of 
public service provision; government as a platform; making open data 
innovation sustainable; data and democracy; connecting open data and 
crowdsourcing; data and information literacy;Evidence and impacts: costs
and benefits of providing or using 
open data; emerging good practices; methods for open data research; 
empirical data measuring open data impacts, public value generation and 
open data.

for CeDEM17, to be held 17.-19.5.2017 in Krems, Austria.

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Best, Johann

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