[OK-AT] invitation to contribute: survey : designing collaborations

Wandl-Vogt, Eveline Eveline.Wandl-Vogt at oeaw.ac.at
Mi Okt 26 18:27:17 UTC 2016

hi @ all,
dear colleagues,

it is my pleasure to introduce to you graphic-designer and COST ENeL WG4-member, alisa goikhman: http://alisagoikhman.com/
i offered her guest-residence at OEAW, LexLab to connect with lexicographers and further interdisciplinary learning vice versa.
she joined COST ENeL with interest in doing her Phd related to lexicography, cultural studies and design.
in close collaboration with roberto theron (university salamanca) and me we try to find ways to support the approach and find innovative ways for user driven innovation in "lexicographical ecosystems of collaboration".
our first joint meeting on this issue is the next WG4-meeting in salamanca:

alisa was funded a short term scientific mission in salamanca to develop design probes.
she is planning to offer her results at our next COST ENeL meeting in budapest (february 2017).

in the salamanca meeting we are going to have interactive workshop based on a game to discuss collaboration (ENeL STSM).
to support this work, we are asking for feedback for a broader audience, and we are happy to get yours and add it to our observations and discussions.
please, follow the link below and fill in the form, no later than november, 1st, 12pm CET.

thanks for your contribution.
we will come back with the results to you - latest during our next years presentation in conjunction with COST ENeL. Information may be found at our exploreAT! website.

warm regards from vienna
eveline wandl-vogt


This survey is conducted towards the goal of developing Design Probes for DH, as part of the STSM "Designing Collaborations".
The project is carried out in conjunction with COST ENeL and exploreAT!



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