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David F. Flanders david.flanders at ands.org.au
Mon Dec 10 06:33:23 UTC 2012

Wondering if anyone on list would like to co-author a post with me on what
(if any) Open Knowledge efforts they have seen this past year - a kind of
New Year's reflection piece aka a 'Top Ten Open Knowledge' moments of 2012
for Australia?

In my mind this post is not really about the OK Foundation, but more about
helping chart any 'Open Knowledge' that is occurring in Australia and
(perhaps even more importantly) re-iterating those occurrences that have
actually resulted in doing things in a better way.

The type of thing I am thinking of:

For me the Open Knowledge moment worldwide in 2012 was the UK Government
finally agreeing that research (as paid by the UK taxpayer) should by
default be open (there are some caveats, but it was a big acknowledgement
of the Open Access movement none the less).

The question is: are there any moment in your mind for Australia that we
could point to... moments like launching an FOI request website... moment
such as opening up dataset not previously opened... moments of declaration
or manifesto... or even more personal moments when two or more decided to
get together and be activists for a more open Australia?

If not looking to write the post with me, any shared OK moments are also
greatly appreciated.

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