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On 12 December 2012 03:04, Kat Braybrooke <kat.braybrooke at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hey David, this is great!
> Mind if we cross-post this to the main OKFN blog so international
> audiences can get inspired too? :) Kat
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> On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 5:49 AM, David F. Flanders <
> david.flanders at ands.org.au> wrote:
>> And we wish you were in Melbourne :)
>> As to the post is now published :) - any tweets, listservs,
>> <narrowcasting> greatly appreciated as always :)
>> http://au.okfn.org/2012/12/10/melbourne-bicycle-map/
>> ~Flanders
>> On 7 December 2012 18:35, Henare Degan <henare.degan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Seriously impressed David. I really love the practical,
>>> outcomes-focussed approach.
>>> Nice work, makes me wish I was in Melbourne :)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Henare
>>> On 7 December 2012 10:41, David F. Flanders <david.flanders at ands.org.au>wrote:
>>>> See below for a post on the first event we'll be doing in Melbourne to
>>>> kick off the New Year (as well as the first of a dozen meetups in Melbourne
>>>> on the 5th day of each month for #OKFNau).  I'm just putting up the post
>>>> now, though of course would greatly appreciate any feedback.  /dff
>>>> *We are pleased to announce a one day hack-a-thon to create an
>>>> OpenStreetMap-based bicycle map of Melbourne.  We’ll need data geeks,
>>>> cartographers, programmers, graphic designers, sysadmins and most
>>>> importantly Melburnians to help us design and produce a beautiful paper map
>>>> useful to all Melbourne’s cyclists.
>>>> The tasks of the day are simple:
>>>> a) Identify the tools needed to create a map from OpenStreetMap data
>>>> b) Design a beautiful map style, to make the cartography as
>>>> professional as possible
>>>> c) Lay out the most useful parts of the map into a compelling,
>>>> two-sided design
>>>> d) Assemble the tool pipeline to produce an image ready to go to
>>>> printers
>>>> As the final AIM of the Day:
>>>> Why do we want to make this map?
>>>> 1.) Melbourne has been a-changing (and will continue to change, a good
>>>> thing) - we just need all those changes from the past year put down in
>>>> single piece of paper :)
>>>> 2.) There is lots of great open data in OpenStreetMap we can use to
>>>> create a rider friendly map.
>>>> 3.) This effort is the first of a dozen ‘Open Knowledge’ projects that
>>>> the Melbourne chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation is undertaking this
>>>> year, e.g. one for each month in 2013 (subscribe to this blog for more).
>>>> 4.) We like maps and we like data and getting together with a community
>>>> of like-minded Melburnians who want to share their knowledge about
>>>> Melbourne is great fun :)
>>>> 5.) We think this map expertise will be the base of several other ‘Open
>>>> Knowledge’ projects will do around adding data to maps, e.g. historical
>>>> walk map through Melbourne, culinary food trails, etc...
>>>> When is this hack-a-thon?
>>>> Saturday the 5th of January 2013 from 10am to Late (or whenever we get
>>>> the map printed)! ← Finally a chance to actually fulfill one of your New
>>>> Year’s resolutions right from the start (volunteer your time for a good
>>>> cause that helps your fellow citizens by helping us create this map!).
>>>>  Best of all your second New Year’s resolution to ride your bike more will
>>>> be well on its way!
>>>> Who should attend:
>>>> Anyone and everyone who would like to know more about Melbourne and how
>>>> to map data onto a map that every citizen can use.  We don’t know what will
>>>> come of the day, but if enough of us get together we are confident that by
>>>> the end of the day we’ll have a map that we can all use in our day-to-day -
>>>> or at least all have a much better understanding of Melbourne and what
>>>> cycle routes go through it.*
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