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Tue Aug 27 22:44:44 UTC 2013

From: David F. Flanders, Secretary to the OKFNau Board
To: 800+ members on this OKFNau listserv

My Dear Fellow Hackers (Code Hackers, Policy Hackers, Hardware Hackers,
GLAM Hackers, and everyone else dedicated to the playful productive
changing of our world through open hacking[1]),

On behalf of the OKFNau Board, I am pleased to welcome you to the Open
Knowledge Foundation listserv.  In accordance with anti-spam policies we
have subscribed most of you to this list because in registering for GovHack
this year you ticked a box saying it was 'ok' for us to add you.  Apologies
if you don't feel this was the case (we do try our best, as we hate spam

First off, we know how broken email can be these days so please feel free
to unsubscribe if Open Knowledge is not something you can juggle at the
moment - we are sympathetic to this problem.  Rather - perhaps consider
following our twitter @OKFNau - Otherwise please do click the 'unsubscribe'
link at the bottom of this email.

*But wait!  Why might you want to stay subscribed to this list?  Well here
is what this list has in store over the next year.*

Over the past three months (since GovHack) we have been getting better
organised so that GovHack can become even bigger and better.  In short, we
don't just want one big drum beat every year, we wants lots of small
community drum beats as well.

Accordingly, we've recruited several Ambassadors in (almost[2]) every major
city in Australia!  "Awesome" <--a word that comes to mind :)  In short,
these *OKFN Ambassadors will be holding events in your city* so you can
carry on the GovHack conversation  - learn new skills - meet new likeminded
people - and (most importantly) have fun while being open about knowledge.

Subscribe to our event calendar: http://okfnau.eventbrite.com/

Best of all, the mission of OKFN gives us the opportunity to expand the
conversation beyond GovHack.  Yes OpenData & OpenGovernement are essential
pillars in the OKFN conversation (GovHack 4eva!); however, there are many
more Open groups that embrace the 'Open Definition'[3] and want their
community to be amplified by the International Network that OKFN provides:


*This list is about empowering you and amplifying your ideas for embracing
Open Knowledge.*

In fact my job is to be *your* secretary; and furthermore the remit of the
board is to help provide you advice (we are not hierarchical - we are all
volunteers - no bosses here; just helpful organisers - we are a support
network that is here to help)!

Therefore this list is about asking: "HOW CAN WE HELP YOUR OPEN
COMMUNITY?!" <-- yes I'm speaking loudly as I want you to hear ;-)

In the following months this list will primarily have the following
discussions and announcements:

   - *Event announcements* happening in local cities, please see our
   website for a list of local Ambassadors who are almost always happy to meet
   up for a coffee and a chat (especially if you have an idea for an event)!
   - *News from around the world* on the progress of OKFN in the 50+ cities
   which now have Ambassadors (Nepal & Taiwan OKFN being one of my favorite
   groups to follow)
   - *Discussion on new Working Groups* that should emerge to advance our
   society such as OpenSpending, OpenCensus, OpenHardware (Make-bassadors),
   OpenGLAM (GLAMbassadors), etc. See: http://okfn.org/wg/
   - *Reports from the Field *as our Ambassadors attempt to change our
   world through the power of networked communities.
   - And last (perhaps least) will be some arguments and trolls :( <-- As
   much as we'd like to stop this, alas - being truly Open is more important
   to us!

As a final metaphor to leave you with, OKFNau is here to empower all the
Open Groups around Australia (like an upside-down umbrella) - we are not
here to compete with other Open groups nor are we trying to be the only
Open group.  We just want the community to grow and anyone who can help us
do that is most welcome!

Thank you once again for your consideration and please do let us know your

Kind Regards,

David F. Flanders
PS my next door neighbor Homer says you should stay subscribed ;-)

[1]= Naturally we know not all of you on this list would necessarily call
yourself 'hackers' so apologies if you do not identify with this word, we
have no intention of being just a 'hacker' group - rather this email was
created shortly after adding many of the GovHack participates and so we are
addressing this audience.  OKFN is Open for hacker and non-hacker alike!

[2]= We are still looking for volunteer Ambassadors in Adelaide, so please
do contact dff.okfn at gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering as one
of people who will share the Adelaide Ambassadorship.  Or if you'd like to
join one of the already established Ambassadorships please do email and
we'll put you in contact.

[3] = Open Definition: http://opendefinition.org/
Secretary to the Chair of the Board (interim)
Open Knowledge Foundation Network Australia
Listserv: http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-au
Blog: http://au.okfn.org/blog/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKFNau
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