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> This is not a great ad for using IT to improve the public sphere.
> Keiran
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> On 28/08/2013, at 8:44 AM, "A List for Open Knowledge Networks in
> Australia." <okfn-au at lists.okfn.org> wrote:
> From: David F. Flanders, Secretary to the OKFNau Board
> To: 800+ members on this OKFNau listserv
> My Dear Fellow Hackers (Code Hackers, Policy Hackers, Hardware Hackers,
> GLAM Hackers, and everyone else dedicated to the playful productive
> changing of our world through open hacking[1]),
> On behalf of the OKFNau Board, I am pleased to welcome you to the Open
> Knowledge Foundation listserv.  In accordance with anti-spam policies we
> have subscribed most of you to this list because in registering for GovHack
> this year you ticked a box saying it was 'ok' for us to add you.  Apologies
> if you don't feel this was the case (we do try our best, as we hate spam
> too!).
> First off, we know how broken email can be these days so please feel free
> to unsubscribe if Open Knowledge is not something you can juggle at the
> moment - we are sympathetic to this problem.  Rather - perhaps consider
> following our twitter @OKFNau - Otherwise please do click the 'unsubscribe'
> link at the bottom of this email.
> *But wait!  Why might you want to stay subscribed to this list?  Well
> here is what this list has in store over the next year.*
> Over the past three months (since GovHack) we have been getting better
> organised so that GovHack can become even bigger and better.  In short, we
> don't just want one big drum beat every year, we wants lots of small
> community drum beats as well.
> Accordingly, we've recruited several Ambassadors in (almost[2]) every
> major city in Australia!  "Awesome" <--a word that comes to mind :)  In
> short, these *OKFN Ambassadors will be holding events in your city* so
> you can carry on the GovHack conversation  - learn new skills - meet new
> likeminded people - and (most importantly) have fun while being open about
> knowledge.
> Subscribe to our event calendar: http://okfnau.eventbrite.com/
> Best of all, the mission of OKFN gives us the opportunity to expand the
> conversation beyond GovHack.  Yes OpenData & OpenGovernement are essential
> pillars in the OKFN conversation (GovHack 4eva!); however, there are many
> more Open groups that embrace the 'Open Definition'[3] and want their
> community to be amplified by the International Network that OKFN provides:
> http://okfn.org/local/
> *This list is about empowering you and amplifying your ideas for
> embracing Open Knowledge.*
> In fact my job is to be *your* secretary; and furthermore the remit of the
> board is to help provide you advice (we are not hierarchical - we are all
> volunteers - no bosses here; just helpful organisers - we are a support
> network that is here to help)!
> Therefore this list is about asking: "HOW CAN WE HELP YOUR OPEN
> COMMUNITY?!" <-- yes I'm speaking loudly as I want you to hear ;-)
> In the following months this list will primarily have the following
> discussions and announcements:
>    - *Event announcements* happening in local cities, please see our
>    website for a list of local Ambassadors who are almost always happy to meet
>    up for a coffee and a chat (especially if you have an idea for an event)!
>    - *News from around the world* on the progress of OKFN in the 50+
>    cities which now have Ambassadors (Nepal & Taiwan OKFN being one of my
>    favorite groups to follow)
>    - *Discussion on new Working Groups* that should emerge to advance our
>    society such as OpenSpending, OpenCensus, OpenHardware (Make-bassadors),
>    OpenGLAM (GLAMbassadors), etc. See: http://okfn.org/wg/
>    - *Reports from the Field *as our Ambassadors attempt to change our
>    world through the power of networked communities.
>    - And last (perhaps least) will be some arguments and trolls :( <-- As
>    much as we'd like to stop this, alas - being truly Open is more important
>    to us!
> As a final metaphor to leave you with, OKFNau is here to empower all the
> Open Groups around Australia (like an upside-down umbrella) - we are not
> here to compete with other Open groups nor are we trying to be the only
> Open group.  We just want the community to grow and anyone who can help us
> do that is most welcome!
> Thank you once again for your consideration and please do let us know your
> ideas!
> Kind Regards,
> David F. Flanders
> PS my next door neighbor Homer says you should stay subscribed ;-)
> [1]= Naturally we know not all of you on this list would necessarily call
> yourself 'hackers' so apologies if you do not identify with this word, we
> have no intention of being just a 'hacker' group - rather this email was
> created shortly after adding many of the GovHack participates and so we are
> addressing this audience.  OKFN is Open for hacker and non-hacker alike!
> [2]= We are still looking for volunteer Ambassadors in Adelaide, so please
> do contact dff.okfn at gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering as
> one of people who will share the Adelaide Ambassadorship.  Or if you'd like
> to join one of the already established Ambassadorships please do email and
> we'll put you in contact.
> [3] = Open Definition: http://opendefinition.org/
> --
> Secretary to the Chair of the Board (interim)
> Open Knowledge Foundation Network Australia
> Listserv: http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-au
> Blog: http://au.okfn.org/blog/
> Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKFNau
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