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Hi Samantha,
That's a great idea. Actually, my first proposal for my PhD thesis was
exactly along those lines "An eco-friendly itinerary laboratory to teach
robotics". Recently, I changed topic to narrow down to my particular
contribution but I am still working with robotics.
I am happy to collaborate with your project. I am already doing
volunteering, teaching kids in disadvantage in Gold Coast area. Anyone that
is interested can check at the www.codeclubworld.org website that I am the
only person officially running a code club in Australia. I suggest you guys
to go through the page and create yourselves other clubs as the available
resources are awesome. Maybe we can start exchanging experiences and I am
sure that kids joining the clubs will get the most of the benefit from our
Please let me know if you have any suggestion or any other interesting
thing you want to share.
Warmest regards,
Vitor Bottazzi
m: 0401803704

2013/8/28 Brane Dragon <ihirldiv at gmail.com>

> Hey Samantha,
> This sounds like a worthy cause. Count me in for any sort of volunteering
> you may require in NSW. I can also do website hosting and management.
> Thanks,
> Alexander (0xdragon).
> On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 12:55 PM, A List for Open Knowledge Networks in
> Australia. <okfn-au at lists.okfn.org> wrote:
>>  Hi All,
>> please let me know if this is breach of spamming but I've got a dream I
>> would like to share.
>> Robotics and Technology Road Trip - Request for help
>> I want to take Robotics and Technology based workshops all around
>> Australia to Promote Engineering and Technology to young people (Or at
>> least promote why Maths, Science and Technology are important in High
>> School). There could also be a focus on careers. I created Robogals UTas,
>> have run quite a few Lego Robotics Workshops and I know I can take it
>> further.
>> Alongside or before this road trip I want to create a website to support
>> Technology based videos/workshops and release them under a creative commons
>> licence so people can change them and create their own. The website could
>> be similar to http://www.drgraeme.net/ but have an updated look and feel
>> like http://www.codecademy.com/ .
>> Now I would love to do all of this work for free but unfortunately I need
>> some modest income to live off. So I’m currently looking into funding
>> options. I will even look into a kick starter-esk crowd funding campaign to
>> see what I can source there. There will also be lots of applications for
>> grants and a lot of conversations to be had.
>> This is where I need help, I’m not an expert in media, business,
>> education, intellectual property or websites and I’m looking for any
>> advice/ideas/assistance that you can provide. What do you think is good/bad
>> about this idea? I need constructive criticism just as much as great
>> support to ensure I don’t develop unrealistic expectations.
>> I’ve got many options. E.g. I could run it under Robogals and name it the
>> Great Australian Robogals Roadtrip (GARR) for short but being a non for
>> profit may cause some issues with crowd funding and I’m not sure if I want
>> the “female” focus that comes with Robogals. I could run it as my own
>> business or under another organisation. E.g. some people from ThoughtWorks
>> and the Python Software Foundation might be able to help. I can’t start all
>> of these conversations myself though, so any help spreading the word would
>> also be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking of engaging my old college to
>> help with media. I want the focus of my efforts to be on education and open
>> technologies.
>> **** **
>> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated ^_^.
>> From Samantha Connelly
>> Twitter: @sammy_lee12
>> Website: http://samanthaconnelly.com/
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