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Greatly appreciated if you could forward this onto anyone you know who
likes: Melbourne, cycling, maps or data :)  /dff

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From: Open Knowledge Foundation Melbourne Chapter in coordination with The
Age's Data Point
Date: 25 February 2013 15:20
Subject: EVENT: Mapping Data

     This event will teach you how to use TileMill which is a tool for
creating maps.  We'll be using this tool for real to create a new cycle map
of Melbourne so more of you can enjoy cycling!
              Learn to Map Data with TileMill
 Do Good, While you Learn! *The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) is pleased
to announce another great opportunity to improve your data skills while
also doing good for the world by creating a new user friendly cycle map for

In coordination with The Age newspaper's Data Point team we are pleased to
announce a series of #DataHack events that will teach you how to use the
Open Source mapping tool called TileMill <http://mapbox.com/tilemill/>.
We'll teach you how to use this tool in exchange for you bringing your
ideas, creativity, local knowledge and any other skills that can help us
create, design and print a brilliant cycle map for Melbourne.

Why make a new cycle map for Melbourne?

   - Noob cyclists need to know the safe routes to get through the city
   - Things have changed like the 'super tram stops' and there are new
   cycle dedicated routes.
   - Because a map like this should be open for everyone to use and benefit
   - Because spatial is special!

This event will take place over four evenings:

   1. 6-9pm Wed March 6th: General introduction to TileMill and geospatial
   2. 6-9pm Wed March 13th: Streetmap data layers, editing, tagging,
   importing data layers
   3. 6-9pm Thurs March 19th: Graphic design layout, cartography,
   beautifying, etc.
   4. 6-9pm Wed March 27th: Printing, distributing, next steps.

 The location of the event is at The Age HQ, MediaHouse (the 'H" in this

 Do you want to get involved? Please email the event coordinator to RSVP:
David.Flanders at ANDS.org.au

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