[@OKFNau] making data sharing/story-telling easier

Markus Buchhorn markus at intersect.org.au
Tue Oct 8 06:28:28 UTC 2013

Hi all

Reading through some papers, I tripped over a neat tool
http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/how-it-works that is basically a
(free) user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to turn accessible datasets
into web-interactive graphics. This one also provides a hosting backend
which integrates neatly with your website, which is nice. Very useful for
journalists and other communicators (see the sample story on that page, and
sundry examples on parliamentary expense claims in the papers today :-/ ). 

It strikes me there must a fair few of these out there now, as a service or
a toolkit. Given that the value of the data (being exposed) is often best
explained in the stories they tell, things that help that are A Good
Idea(tm). I have an interest in supporting researchers and educators, as
well as the wider public access to data, so a range of contexts.

What other tools/services have you seen and liked (or not)? I'd be
interested to collect a list that has some real-world experiences behind it.


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