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Hi all, 
I've begun a new thread as I sense that the messages are being received out of order and that it might confuse the conversation.
I have begun documentation for the BudgetAus project. This page is specifically for the background info to the federal budget as it is relevant to BudgetAus users/developers.
For those that don't know, BudgetAus is the first implementation of the Australian Federal government spending (doesn't include revenues) into an online database that is searchable. It allows users to enter search terms and get spending totals and associated program information across the entire budget regardless of which agency administers the spending.
I've worked out some of the wiki markup issues but having no luck with the Table of Contents tag.
Feedback is welcome. I really need to know if this makes sense to people, or for those with specialist knowledge if there are any factual errors? (The total program cost is a question under discussion as I am not sure there is a figure published by gov that corresponds 100% to the figure as totaled by the BudgetAus database)

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