[@OKFNau] Growstuff open data working bee/hack day, August 30th, in Melbourne

Alex Bayley skud at growstuff.org
Thu Aug 21 01:53:01 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Rosie Williams suggested I post here with this announcement.

Growstuff (http://growstuff.org/) is an open data project to gather 
information about how and where edible food crops are grown.

We're holding a working bee/hack day on Saturday August 30th, at the 
Electron Workshop in North Melbourne.  We say "working bee" because as 
well as coding/hacking, we also encourage non-coders to come along and 
take part in a range of tasks, including building up our database of 
edible crops.

Growstuff has data on 369 edible crops so far, and gathers information 
on growing methods, geographical spread, etc, through crowdsourcing: we 
ask our members to record what they grow and harvest in their own 
gardens, and aggregate that information to tell, for instance, whether a 
crop is better grown in sun or shade, or what times it should be planted 
in different regions.  This data is made available via an API and in 
various other formats, under a CC-BY-SA license.

If you're interested in coming to hack on Growstuff, help us with our 
data wrangling, or can bring any other skills to the table, we'd love to 
see you at our working bee.  More information is at 
including a registration link.


Alex "Skud" Bayley
skud at growstuff.org

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