[@OKFNau] Idea for OpenData Project : Computer Parts / E-Waste Recycling

Mark Street mrstreet at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 00:20:59 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I have a problem, which I don't think anyone is solving very well at the
moment and I wondered if there is anyone on this list who wants to have a
look at it together.

I have a couple of old Computers, Printers and Monitors which I want to
dispose of, and I don't want to pay someone to collect it. I google-ed
around for where to recycle e-waste and all I find is :
which points you to :

unfortunately this does not show anything close to me, other than the local
Officeworks, and they won't take the spare parts and other (partly
disassembled) junk I have.

It seems that there are 5 different industry run schemes under the new 2011
Product Stewardship laws :
- TechCollect http://techcollect.com.au
- DHL's http://dropzone.org.au
- http://www.ecyclesolutions.net.au/
- http://reverseewaste.com.au/
- Sims Recycling http://www.apac.simsrecycling.com/

All of them have different location lists and maps, some of which overlap.
All of them have different parameters, including fees for collection, and
none of them are shown in a nice-to-use easy-to-search way. It took me over
an hour of searching, to find the info, just to write this email, and most
people won't bother with that.

I would suggest that a short term project involving PlanetArk and/or the
Sustainability Dept, could create an easy to search, interactive top level
map built on Open Data tools

would love to know what people think of the idea


Mark Street

mrstreet at gmail.com
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