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Hi Sydney people; this event may be of interest

Come and join us at the next Recordkeeping Roundtable event, in which we
will be exploring some ideas for presenting and sharing archival
description information to better harness the opportunities of the online
world, and do it in a sustainable and scalable way.

*When:* Monday, March 31, 5.30 - 7.30 (workshop will start at 5.30 sharp)
*Where:* Seminar Room, ATP Innovations - Ground Floor, National Innovation
Centre, Australian Technology Park, Redfern
*Cost:* Gold coin donation
*To register:* Go to the online booking

   - How can we make recordkeeping part of the online discovery world?
   - Is digitising vast quantities of gathered records in established
   "collections" what we need?
   - Do we need better ways of accessing un-gathered records online?
   - Are the existing online discovery tools adequate?
   - How can we break down the silos that separate one "collection" from

To start this conversation, distinguished recordkeeper Chris Hurley will
present on his 'modest proposal' for improving access to archives and other
records. The panel will then respond to this proposal and there will be a
Q&A session inviting questions and comments from the floor.

The panel:

   - *Chris Hurley* has been a recordkeeper for over forty years, in both
   government and the private sector. He was Keeper of Public Records in
   Victoria in the 1980s and A/g Chief Archivist of New Zealand in the (then)
   National Archives in the early 2000s. He now works for the Commonwealth
   Bank of Australia. His particular interests lie in the areas of
   description, accountability, and archival legislation and he has taught and
   spoken extensively on these matters. Most of his many published articles
   and talks are now available on his web site
   - *Michael Jones* is a Senior Research Archivist at the University of
   Melbourne's eScholarship Research Centre. Since starting at the Centre in
   2008 he has worked on numerous paper-based and digital archival projects.
   His positions have included: Acting National Program Manager for the Find &
   Connect Web Resource project; Advisory Group Member on the University's
   Digital Research and Data Preservation Strategy; and Reviewer for the
   Journal of Knowledge Management. Prior to joining the Centre, Michael
   completed a Masters (Research) in Art History at the University of
   Edinburgh, and worked as a trainer, manager and project officer in the
   corporate sector.
   - *Richard Lehane* is an archivist at the State Records Authority of
   NSW. He is a member of the digital archives team, who are undertaking a
   three year project to build a whole of government digital archive for New
   South Wales. Richard also works on State Records' Open Data project, <
   http://data.records.nsw.gov.au>, and new search engine, "Search" <
   - *David Roberts* is the inaugural professional Archivist at Newington
   College, an independent boys' school in Sydney. He served as the Director
   of the State Records Authority of New South Wales from 1998 to 2008. He is
   also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer and Information
   Science at Edith Cowan University.  His professional interests include
   standards and systems for the description of archives and their context,
   the management of digital records, and the use of technology for enabling
   people to engage with archives. He is the author of chapters in all three
   editions of Keeping Archives and of *Tabularium*, collection management
   software for small archives.

Moderated by The Recordkeeping Roundtable's Kate Cumming and Cassie Findlay.

Participants will be emailed with a link to Chris's proposal to read, a
week or so in advance of the event.

For anyone interested in better federated access to records of enduring
value, this is an event not to be missed!
Best wishes
Cassie Findlay
The Recordkeeping Roundtable
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