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Rosie Williams budgetaus at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 22:27:14 UTC 2014

I have also been asked to moderate this list and become a topic volunteer for the OKFNAu, both of which I have agreed to (but am not yet set up as moderator).
Looks like a busy year!

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 10:34:07 +1100
From: andrew at openlocal.org.au
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Subject: Re: [@OKFNau] BudgetAus becomes Open Local Project

      Further to Rosie's
          email, I just wanted to say how excited we are to have Rosie
          join our team!


      Open Local is a
          non-profit organisation committed to helping create local
          government area clusters of innovative individuals and
          organisations who share ideas, information (data) and software
          tools to co-design and develop community solutions.


      Rosie is proof that
          community members with a passion can learn to program and 'get
          stuff done' with the benefit of Open Data and support from the
          Open Data community.


      With Rosie on our
          team as a Developer and Community Manager, she will help build
          community engagement with Open Data / Open Source projects not
          only in her ongoing role as Project Lead for BudgetAus, but
          also the other projects being developed through the
          Collaboratory incubation program, including FixMyStreet.org.au.


      Rosie has already got
          some amazing plans on foot for BudgetAus, and we look forward
          to being able to provide her with the support she deserves to
          help decipher economic data and make it more immediately meaningful
          to and actionable by the community.


      We are also pleased
          to have Anna Wondracz join our team as an Information and
          Knowledge Manager.  Anna has a background in secondary
          teaching and is joining us from a nearby community college.  Anna
          will be completing her Masters of Information and Knowledge
          Management in a few months and is looking forward to helping
          communities collect and share their knowledge openly.


      If you'd like to see
          what Rosie, Anna and the other members of the team are up to
          at Collaboratory Riverside in Parramatta, please drop us a
          note and come by!







        Andrew Perry
      Open Local


            P  1300 832 337

            M  0413 045 300

            ABN 86 141 111 391

      Rosie Williams wrote:

        Hi all,

        I have
          some exciting news! Andrew Perry has offered to auspice
          BudgetAus as an initiative of the non-profit organisation,
          Open Local. In addition to this (and to fund it), Andrew has
          appointed me Community Manager/Developer for Open Local. Open
          Local aims to support open data principles in general and
          local community engagement. http://fixmystreet.org.au/ is another example
          of the kind of initiative run under Open Local.

        Open Local
          will be managing social startups in the Collaboratory co-work
          space at the Parramatta office. We hope to raise funds from
          government and other sources to continue open data projects
          with the participation of volunteers as well as paid staff. 

        The first
          event of this nature will be on budget night where some keen
          budget wonks will be volunteering their labour to input the
          budget data manually to create a full set of data for public
          use. Please get in touch if you would like to participate.
          This will be a challenge but it will also be a great
          opportunity to put the media spotlight on community engagement
          with open data issues and issues of budget transparency. 

        On behalf of
          BudgetAus I would like to thank Andrew for his support in
          allowing this project to continue and for his investment in
          the principles of open source and open data generally.

        To find out
          more information about Open Local visit http://www.openlocal.org.au/

        Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
        Founder & Developer InfoAus.net
           ABN 90 345 143 783
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