[@OKau] Basecamp for an OKAU Community and Communications Team

Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
Wed Apr 1 03:24:49 UTC 2015

For those who didn't follow the Board discussion yesterday, or who haven't
caught up, or who just want a quick summary on one point...

I had an action to setup a basecamp project to help with the coordiantion
of website updates.

I have now set this up and invited a few people in from the Board and a few
others I know will be interested (datakid and maxious).

It would be great to also have all local and topic ambassadors involved in
the basecamp experience. It would double plus also be great to have
advisers involved. And, as always it would be exceptionally cool to have
any others with the energy, drive and interest to put themselves forward
for joining in.

Please send me a direct email - steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au if you'd
like an invite.

Please note: The intention is not to have a closed group, nor to
deteriorate the cohesion and great conversations going on through this list
or other mediums. Its just to help get things done for OKAU with a little
more coordination and support via a platform that is setup to do such a

btw - The video link for that Board discussion, as a reminder, is here:


PS - I'll drop this in as a comment on that post for people to discover the
info there too. The email addy will be removed and replaced with a request
to ping @okfnau via twitter.

*EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR*www.linkdigital.com.au
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