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Steve Bennett stevage at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 15:51:09 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
  Continuing an effort to encourage councils to publish data by giving them
an immediate and obvious benefit, I've created Open Bin Map:


It follows much the same model as opentrees.org, which I blogged about

It's a bit more sophisticated technically, and does a bit of data
manipulation in the browser to answer the question "is it bin night?" The
source code is here: https://github.com/okfnau/binsmap

Currently there is data from 7 Victorian councils, of which 4 (Golden
Plains, Ballarat, Geelong, and Manningham) follow some version of the
opencouncildata.org standards. (Seriously, that's amazing, especially
Manningham - I don't even know anyone there.)

The data for Moonee Valley is only questionably "open" - it came from their
trial open data portal which isn't open to the public. (I hope that's ok :))

There are a couple of interstate councils that have published their waste
collection boundaries (Gold Coast QLD, and Logan SA come to mind) but then
I've run out, I think, so I need to get more councils on board. I think
this dataset has the potential to be a good "gateway dataset" because it's
not confidential, it's technically easy, and it has immediate value to the
council in being published.

So, here's my call to action: could you please contact your local council
and ask them to publish their waste collection boundaries and schedules
according to the standard? Their GIS team needs to:

1. Create an account on data.gov.au (see
https://toolkit.data.gov.au/index.php?title=Publishing_your_data )
2. Export the data from their GIS as a GeoJSON file following the pretty
simple standard.
3. Upload it to data.gov.au
4. Tell me. Or wait till I discover it. :)

And of course, suggestions, feedback, or coding assistance are very welcome
- feel free to raise issues or pull requests on the Github repo.

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