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Mon Apr 20 01:44:29 UTC 2015

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 9:47 AM, Cassie Findlay <findlay.cassie at gmail.com>

>    -
>    downloads and page hits should be monitored for popularity of
>    published datasets as well as of standard website pages and FOI requests -
>    all of which helps build a picture of public interest trends
> I think you need to be careful with page hits, because if the data makes
its way into an automatic workflow, it may get hit very often. City of
Melbourne has some bizarrely high page counts on certain datasets, but
don't have sufficient metrics to really know what's going on.

>    -
>    - the open data index offers a valuable a bird's eye view of where we
>    are at in Australia and globally and where there are gaps and more progress
>    needs to be made
> Personally I'm a bit skeptical about the index (or indices). The range of
datasets is pretty arbitrary and not very representative, and pretty easy
to game - you could publish just those datasets, get a perfect score, and
still be subjectively pretty mediocre. Seems to be useful from a
marketing/comms perspective though.

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