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Thanks so much Angela, Is there a Sydney talk as well? I'm at UTS. regards

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> Dear all,
> This event may be of interest to you and your networks. It's free and open
> to the public.
> Thanks,
> Angela
> ------------------------
> Swinburne Institute for Social Research - Seminar Series
> Presenter: Dr Tanja Aitamurto, Stanford University
> Title: Crowdsourced policymaking: The motivations, expectations and
> profile of the crowd
> Date: Thursday, 13 August 2015
> Time: 12:30-1:30pm
> Venue: Penang Room, Library Conference Room, Hawthorn campus
> Crowdsourcing in policymaking is becoming a more common method for civic
> engagement and knowledge search, and it is used both by local and national
> governments. In crowdsourced policymaking, the government invites citizens
> to contribute to a policymaking process and asks them to share their ideas
> for the policy. For instance, several federal agencies in the United States
> have used crowdsourcing in policy reforms, Iceland applied crowdsourcing in
> its constitution reform process, and the House of Representatives in Brazil
> have used crowdsourcing in policy reforms. Despite the growing popularity
> of the method, only a little is known about the crowd and its experience
> with participating in policymaking. In this talk I will examine the
> profile, drivers and expectations of the crowd by showing case studies of
> crowdsourced policymaking from Finland and the United States.
> Dr Tanja Aitamurto Deputy Director and a Brown Fellow (postdoctoral) at
> the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at the School of Engineering at
> Stanford. She examines how collective intelligence, whether gathered by
> crowdsourcing, crowdfunding or co-creation, impacts journalism, governance
> and product design, particularly media innovations.
> Tanja is the author of Crowdsourcing for Democracy: New Era in
> Policy-Making. She has lead the design and implementation of the Finnish
> Experiment, a pioneering case in crowdsourcing policymaking. She advises
> and studies Open Government projects in several countries, the projects
> including topics such as participatory budgeting and crowdsourced
> legislation. She has attended meetings and given talks about her research
> in the White House, the Wikimedia Foundation, OECD, the Council of Europe
> and in several Parliaments and Governments, including those of Canada,
> Austria and Finland. More about her work at www.tanjaaitamurto.com
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