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I'm thinking of running two events per month through http://www.meetup.com/Australia-Open-Data/ as OKAu branded events unless this is not considered the role of the OKAU in which case they won't be branded. I'm still thinking these ideas through.
One event per month aimed at general public - by that I mean that anyone can attend and get something out of it without having knowledge of computer programming or expertise in government or academia (which is not to say these people won't be interested in the goings-on). I would like these events to be reasonably informal and be a place for people to talk face to face about what open data means to them and what their data needs are. Topics would be set each month for discussion: 'Does Australia have enough transparency?' 'What do we want to know about government spending?' 'What problems should/can open data solve?'. I'm just making these up on the spot as examples and the meetup can take suggestions from members. This is a place where people can come and find out what other people care about and want to know about. Can be used for gathering requirements for open data projects although I expect the setting to be quite informal (might be set in a pub but might also be set in office space & go to the pub after for those who want that).
One event per month aimed at developers - this is more about the technical aspects of working with open data and open source. One of my fellow NEIS participants, Ken, has set up shop providing classes in the use of open source applications (image editing & wordpress) and is offering me use of his business premises at the Addison Rd Community Centre in Marrickville which is home to a large number of community groups. A group supporting use of open data and open source could offer help in using open source applications (via Ken) and be a place/time when developers working on open source and open data can form a community and assist one another. In Sydney we have some journo types who work with data and scrape for example so this is the type of event where these skills can be shared.
As I said, I'm still turning these ideas over in my mind and wanting to think them through a bit before I make a final decision to post to the meetup. 

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Thanks for sharing this Steven! I could see this model working really well in Australia :)

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Sounds good. Like a more relaxed, monthly version of OKFN Melbourne :) I particularly like the "go and play with this dataset and present something in a month" focus.


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i like this approach... Might try it for Canberra. Specifically for ACT datasets (not federal).


I like the idea of holding these in a library and allowing people to tell stories with data.

Rosie, this format might work for collecting community requirements too.







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