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Hi All, apologies for the cross-posts. Please see the information below re
consultations for the Open Data Charter. We’d love your engagement and
input. With thanks, Martin

*Open Data Charter Consultation *

1) The Charter is available for comment through July 30th, 2015

2) It is available at http://opendatacharter.net/charter/

3) Please spread the word broadly for stakeholders to comment through the

4) If you are attending key events in-person, take some time to promote the
charter and invited comments: if you hold an in-person discussion on the
charter, please have someone take notes and submit the summary comments on
line at http://opendatacharter.net/charter/

5) Comments will be reviewed, clustered and proposed changes developed the
first week of August

6) The proposed changes will be reviewed and agreed by Charter Stewards by
end of second week of August

7) An explanation of how the Charter was revised and finalized based on the
inputs will be communicated via the ODC website in late August.

8) A big push will be made for signatories for the rolling launch of the
Charter at UNGA, followed by Open Government Partnership Global Summit, G20
in Turkey and the Climate COP in Paris.

9) If you have any questions or would like further information, please send
an email to info at opendatacharter.net


Martin Tisné
Director, Policy
Omidyar Network UK Limited
Cell: +44 782 388 7414
Landline: +44 20 7033 8655
Email: mtisne at omidyar.com
Twitter: @martintisne

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