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Hi all, 
I've just migrated the project I'm about to launch to my very first VPS. I've been given quite a bit of free memory for the first week so I thought I'd give the site a public airing and see how it performs. I'm trying to guage how much memory I'll need going forward. 
The project already feels large and it has only just begun so has the potential to get quite massive if it all goes ahead and I end up adding grants data from multiple agencies/jurisdictions. However at the moment I'm mainly interested in what I'll be needing in the coming months. 
I'm not quite up to the user documentation. Domain name is currently http://ausgov.org and will be changing after testing to http://openaus.net.au 
Datasets used are Commonwealth Tenders, DSS Grants, DCCSDS Grants and the ACNC register. Data is not absolute freshest available but is quite recent. I'm also using some data from Wikipedia which I'll add in shortly.
Source is open now too.

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