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Hi all
I agree that Paul didn't make the claim that I don't appreciate the humanity in developers, that was just my interpretation of his statement that my view of developers was 'flat'. This message has been trimmed so I can't easily check on his actual wording and that I have not again mis-stated his words but I don't want Paul or others to think I am happy to have them feel they have been mischaracterised by me here, at least not deliberately.
I agree that specifying/defining audiences matters which I feel was the point I was trying to make and with which it appeared to me Paul disagreed, quite vehemently. People here are welcome to disagree with me, I hope my opinions can stand up to scrutiny and if I am convinced otherwise then I can change my view. 
While I'm at it I should also mention that when I critique the focus on developers in the open data community I do not mean to disregard our contribution. I did not make that clear earlier and I am aware that repeatedly restating my critique might cause people to feel the work of developers in open knowledge is not something I appreciate. This is not my intention and I ought to make that clear in future.

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Hi Rosie,
You are now saying things that I didn’t say, eg, that I claimed you don’t see humanity in developers, so, I’m not going to take the discussion further. The general gist of what I’m saying is: (1) there is no “general public”, and so any attempts at engagement need to be quite a lot more subtle in defining the audience to engage with, in my opinion, and (2) every field has specialists and non-specialists, technical or otherwise - nothing new to see here.

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