[@OKau] Why open knowledge is so much more than data, viz, apps, civics and government

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Thanks Steven. I've added it as a resource to my event page. Venue should be finalised Tue/Wed & then I'll announce through meetup. The transparency conference panel (Switzerland) sounded awesome but I only caught the last minutes of it and it doesn't seem to be archived which is a pity. I'd love to have that as a resource as well. Fortunately Silvana attended and blogged about it so at least I've got that.
Event location will be Marrickville for anyone that's interested http://www.meetup.com/Australia-Open-Data/events/223034896/ I've really appreciated the opportunity to improve my knowledge in this area that running this event has prompted. I feel like I've already got something out of it and it hasn't even happened!

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At least, one of the more recent presentations from Rufus on why:http://blog.okfn.org/2015/06/05/putting-open-at-the-heart-of-the-digital-age/

Skip the deck and read the post :)


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