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Hi Cobi & Heather, 
This is just the kind of evaluation of open data efforts I am interested in and I'm still going through the resources posted by Heather and others related to transparency. Thanks Heather :-)
I'm about to launch a massive project which has implications for all the issues surrounding financial and political transparency such as consequences for inequality but this is not the same as measuring social progress- more an issue impacting on it. 
Most of our social progress data comes from the ABS and these are only broad indicators based off the SEIFA data. I'm not sure even the ABS plots the actual changes in SEIFA scores over time, probably because they are so few and far between it may not be worth it.  I suspect that areas rarely change very much in their advantage/disadvantage score and if they do it is likely due to developments like Bangaroo which is going from the bottom of the scale to a presumably much higher score once the development is complete. 
We don't have much social progress data at a local level that is not collected by the ABS during the Census. ACOSS may have some data tucked away behind the scenes but if they do they'd have to be educated on the benefits of sharing data. 
The NAPLAN data has been pretty well locked down to date which is on a geographical school area basis - hopefully that can be opened. There's quite a bit of health data published, it may well provide good basis for comparing smaller areas on health inequality. I'd like to talk to the health advocates about this at one of my future events if I can get them along to it. 
We have welfare recipient stats by postcode so that could be plotted over time if there are historical publications of it. I think, like many data sets, publication is a fairly recent thing but if it continues to be published then can be compared over time. 
I'm pretty brain dead, coding 15 hour days right now so other people might have suggestions for data sets relating to social progress.

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I don't know Heather - but I'm glad you raised it and I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has - Rosie could this count as a data/project request for your website? :) 

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Hi Everyone,

do you know of anyone who has looked at the social progress indicator for Australian data and jurisdictions?

I have been interested in this methodology since it was first launched and I understand Michael Porter was over spruiking it last year. Has anyone followed through and looked at the data sources that would be needed to compile it in Australia - especially at
 a state based or regional level?

Here are some good links if you want to know more:

Indicator launch by Michael Porter
Australia stats using international datasets
TED talk



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