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Mike Ebinum mike at seeddigital.co
Tue Mar 10 06:12:03 UTC 2015

Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time writer. I recently had a chat with a
government official and we were talking government data and all the
benefits. The official said that they seem to be hearing a lot about all
the benefits but don't have access to practical examples of how releasing
government data has benefited different departments. Examples that they
could use to as references to help persuade different people to get
involved. I mentioned transportation data examples but they have a lot of
those examples.

I was wondering if people on this list could help me out with examples,
case studies and positive references to where releasing government data has
helped the greater community either by reducing spend, resulted in
commercial outcomes or help deliver better services.

I've create a spreadsheet
that you can add these too or just reply to this mail.

Thanks in advance.


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