[@OKau] NSW State Library Open Data Brainstorm April 30

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Hi Steven, 
I haven't really been involved other than to post it to the members of the meetup. Paula Bray from the state library and Alvaro Maz from Code for Australia seem to be the people who have put it together so I guess it is up to them. 
I did watch the board meeting and it was very interesting although I was very tired at the time as I've been overdoing it a bit lately. I do recall the mention of making events OKN related but with this one it would not be up to me. 
I am in the throes of organising both regular monthly hacks to support ongoing projects and a larger one off event to coincide more or less with the International Open Data un/conference at the end of May. I thought the regular meetups would provide an avenue for project ideas begun in the unconference.
I've been inviting people to join the list here to discuss that IOD event but I wanted to have a venue sorted before going into much detail about it.
I'm going to aim for 60 people for the one-off IOD event (as it might attract some people from interstate) and I'm planning it for Sat 23rd or Sat 30th. 

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Thanks Rosie,
Are you cool for this meetup to be generally associated with OKAU? If so then it's easy to also promote via AU.okfn.au and do post event updates there as per the recent melbourne OKAU meetups.
This was discussed today in the board meeting, did you watch it? Check the blog :)
And, top job with organising this stuff in Sydney :)

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com> wrote:

Code for Australia and the NSW State Library are running a brainstorming session between 6-8pm on April 30. That's a Thursday night in the Dixson Room.
The data custodians will talk about the kinds of data they have and seek feedback as to the ideas that can come out of that data. 
There is a limit of 30 attendees and half the places are already gone so if you want to go please RSVP rather than miss out on a spot.
I'm planning regular hack nights through the meetup so if people want to follow up on project ideas there should be ample opportunity.

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