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Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
Thu May 7 08:36:48 UTC 2015

Hiya folks,

I gave a talk yesterday at the AWS symposium for public sector, education
and non profits.

The deck I used can be found here:

With a prettier layout many of the words are dropped but the general points
I was trying to make were something like this:

   1. Link does AWS stuff and sells services etc...
   2. Using Drupal, CKAN and AWS together is pretty neat and here are two
   examples on why that is
   3. Slide 12 and 14 show the general approach used for the data first
   media platform we build for ACT government and the setup we use for
   Victorian Government's open data release model (three tiers of CKAN
   4. Data classification... the list on slide 16 shows the questions that
   need to be marked 'no' to release a dataset publicly on the Data.Vic

After that I looped back to the economic points I would normally start
with. So, covering the definition of economic goods, why information goods
are MOAR good, going through the principles of open government, making a
point about the basic role of Australian Government and finally talking
about transaction costs.

I think the transaction costs slide is the most important. When you see
that collaboration provides not only a higher quality of innovation but
also a lower cost, then you can then move on to suggest that every external
contract from the public sector into the private is an example of a
'private-public' partnership.

If we can recognize that then we can start to ask whether the procurement
and delivery mechanisms are setup to respect the value derived from the
'collaborative procurement' and 'collaborative management' required in
private-public relationships.

I had to do the session in 30 minutes and unfortunately there is no
recording. If I get a chance to do it again I'll try to get 45 minutes and
publish something people can watch :)


*EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR*www.linkdigital.com.au
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