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Hi folks,

Just sending this through for folks to consider, look at or nominate from :)


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  ✎ Kateryna Onyiliogwu (Australia Open Data)
Australia Open Data
 Kateryna Onyiliogwu
Dear Steven,

My name is Kateryna and I work for the Open Data Institute in London, where
we are building a community of organisations who are innovating with open
data. We are currently running our 2nd annual Open Data Awards, which
celebrate innovation and excellence in open data across the world.

The winners of our awards will be announced by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at an
event being held at Bloomberg on July 9th. We are hoping you will share
this opportunity with your meetup attendees, as nominations are a great way
for organisations using open data to gain new exposure.

For more information, and to nominate individuals or organisations, please
visit our Open Data Awards page. http://awards.theodi.org/nominate/­

We look forward to receiving your nominations and thank you in advance for
sharing the opportunity with your wider communities.

All the best,

 May 23, 2015 4:55 AM
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