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Steven De Costa steven.decosta at linkdigital.com.au
Sat May 30 04:53:35 UTC 2015

I might have launched an international effort led by okfnau today ;)

I will update folks but it is nothing major. I could have done it as a Link
Digital initiative but really wanted to push AU and OK this week.

Hope that is ok and hope people will help ;)

It should be cool. I have a video of it all that I'll publish on YouTube
next week. That will explain things :)

On a gold plated side note I've done everything to promote the AU this
week. I honestly think if no one was here we would have looked totally
crap. The IODC was a significant opportunity to update the global community
on which countries are 'in the movement'. Zero representation would have
made us look totally lame.

We can't afford to miss such opportunities in the future so I will be
trying to work out how okau can sponsor key people to attend the next one.
That will be October 2016 so we have time to work it all out :)

But, it's a sigh of relief. We all know locally that AU is awesome and
totally 'in the movement'. I think we've done ok this time.

The event I hosted had around 80 attendees. The CKANcon I spoke at also had
around 80. In total the event had around 2000 folks. I had great meetings
with lots of awesome people and hardly attended sessions (that happens).

There are opportunities for Australia and after I return I need to speak
with a few groups before then socializing whether these opportunities are
things the okau folks would agree to support.

It is really awesome stuff so I expect people will love it :)


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