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One answer to this question is that use cases are missing. Open data use cases should demonstrate the value of open data projects to as many audiences as possible. 

I have a question or two of my own. How do government agencies define benefit? This seems like it could be a good subject of a survey if there is not already research that answers this. Are agencies trying to generate revenue, cut their costs, improve service to public and if so how is this judged?

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An open data related thought based on a number of years working in the data management space across different levels of government.
Most government organisations and individuals in those organisations understand the benefits of making their data available to the public.  That debate has generally been won.  But, most organisations are suffering reduced budgets and appreciate that they must expend some resources to comply with the open data philosophy.  This costs their organisation.  But what benefit do they get back from releasing their data?
Generally not much direct benefit, other than complying with broad government objectives.  So, what is their answer to the question of “whats in it for me?”….generally not much.  Until we can effectively answer that question the supply side of open data will continue to be limited and we will continue to have data released purely to increase data set numbers and meet KPI’s but will that data be useful?  Based on current activities, much of the existing open data would not be consumed by organisations wishing to generate digital products.
What is missing? 

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