[@OKau] Qn's from Government re GovHack

Baden Appleyard b.appleyard at ausgoal.gov.au
Wed May 13 21:12:19 UTC 2015

Hi Lachlan,

Happy to discuss all of the concerns that have been raised by that
department with them, and provide assistance/guidance navigating privacy
law and policy as well.  I'm currently doing a lot of work on sensitive
data and enabling release.

Please feel free to pass my contact details below onto them.

Kind regards


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Subject: [@OKau] Qn's from Government re GovHack
Hi All,

One of the GovHack/Code for Australia Fellows has been in communication
with a state employee from the Department of Health and Human Services
(Tobacco Unit) indirectly as a result of her work within the council.

They seem to be interested in participating in GovHack but have asked her
the following questions.
I am not really the right person to answer these questions. I don't want to
ask "do we have canned responses" but I presume these are regular questions
that people can answer more eloquently than I. Pia?

Is it possible you could identify any risks and how they are mitigated?

Is there a risk the data could be misused in anyway or potentially
criticise the Department or government?
Is there a risk the submissions such as applications or websites could be
used to criticise the Department or current government.
Are there any privacy risks?


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Subject: Re: [@OKau] Qn's from Government re GovHack
Perhaps there is someone else at that agency you can approach who
understands the risks of releasing data  (or how to identify & quantify
risks) and the rights of the public to use it?

Disclaimer: I am not involved in any way in GovHack

Rosie Williams BA (Sociology)
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